The Wedding Magician

These insights were distributed in St. Louis Bride and Groom magazine 2003. Sources incorporates Simmons, 2001; USA Today, 2002; National Bridal administration, 2001; The Knot, 2002; Brides Magazine, 2001.

What individuals said AFTER the big day:

72% of all ladies say they would have invested more energy picking their gathering diversion

Very nearly 100% said they would have spent a greater amount of their financial plan on the diversion

78% of ladies say they would have made the diversion their most astounding need

81% of visitor say the thing they recall the most about a gathering is the stimulation


65% of all couples that picked a band to engage at their wedding, stated, in the event that they needed to do it over once more, they would have picked a circle move

As a performer, you ought to see an extraordinary open door here to advertise your aptitudes. There are numerous ways an entertainer can help make the gathering as noteworthy and agreeable as would be prudent.

Amid that clumsy period between the wedding and the entry of the couple at the gathering, you can give stroll around amusement. In some cases, with the taking of pictures and other post-wedding exercises, it can be for a short time before the couple advances toward the gathering zone. A room brimming with outsiders sitting tight for the love birds to arrive is not a pleasnat thought. A performer doing stroll around enchantment can help break the ice, and get individuals talking and snickering.

Each gathering will have a DJ or a band to engage. An entertainer however can make a pleasant break from moving. While supper processes, the entertainer can give 30 – 45 minutes of fun and giggling. Sawing the new father-in-law fifty-fifty, or drifting delightful roses to provide for the bridesmaid. Give the dinner a chance to settle before doing the hokey-pokey.

Will there be bunches of youngsters present? A kids’ show and some inflatable creatures can give an awesome redirection to the youths while the grown-ups blend.

So as a mystical performer, you can give one or every one of the three sorts of stimulation for the enormous occasion. Stroll around, after supper show or kids’ exercises. Why might anybody arrange a wedding and gathering without ensuring they could get the wedding entertainer?


How to break into this market? How would you tell couples you are accessible? Indeed, prepare to print this out, on the grounds that here are a portion of the things that can position you as the pioneer in this market.

In the first place plan limited time materials particular to this market. You need your business card and pamphlets to state you are the “Wedding Magician,” not “Enchantment For Every Occasion.” For each market a conjurer works, his showcasing materials ought to dependably appear as though he has some expertise in that market. Turned into the wedding authority.

Presently – outline a “Wedding Planner” booklet. Give data on bloom courses of action, selecting stationary, how to lease a tuxedo, and so forth. Incorporate an article on mystical performers as wedding gathering diversion. Leave space for promoting.

Outline some decent “Take One” presentations. You can get some pleasant acrylic holders at Staples. Get these disseminated to nearby blossom and wedding stores. Tell the retailer you will pay a discoverer’s expense for each gig they send you. Furthermore, any merchant that permits you to put a show in their foundation will be recorded in your Wedding Planner and perhaps given a little ad. You don’t leave the Wedding Planners in the store, yet offer them allowed to anybody that calls the number on your pamphlet or goes to your site.

Make sure to give your potential clients the choice to call, or get in touch with you on the web. In any case, you will get their names and address, telephone number and wedding date when they ask for the Planner. A few people will like to call, others, not having any desire to converse with a businessperson, will need to go on the web. Give both alternatives.

You likewise need to contact neighborhood food providers and DJs to accomplice up with them. Once more, you will offer them free publicizing in your Planner and a discoverer’s expense. You will likewise have the capacity to offer the wedding party finish benefit for their gathering, by having DJs and food providers and flower vendors you work with.

You can watch the neighborhood daily papers for wedding declarations and mail out a flyer or postcard publicizing your free Wedding Planner. This will give you some neighborhood leads.

To assemble this business speedier, lease a corner at the neighborhood marriage appear. Watch the papers for when these occasions happen. You will meet a huge number of merchants at the show, in addition to numerous potential ladies who visit to perceive what is accessible.

You will have your take one pamphlet at your stall, clarifying the advantages of having a conjurer, and particularly, you at their gathering. You can either reach you to get the free Wedding Planner to protect that you get their essential data. You amy additionally have the organizer accessible to give away at your stall, additionally have a drawing for a free 45 minute gathering appear or other prize. When they enlist for the drawing, you will get all their information then.

You can do some shut everything down at your corner to exhibit what you would do at the gathering. Avoid card traps with the women. You may do them at the gathering, yet not at the wedding appear. Do the napkin rose and offer it to the lady of the hour to be. Make one for each woman that sets aside the opportunity to converse with you AND make sure to have some little security pins to urge them to stick them to their shirt. They will soon have a modest bunch of stuff from alternate corners. The stick ensures the bloom by putting it up off the beaten path. More critical however – soon many women are strolling through the show with your napkin roses stuck to their pullovers. You will wind up noticeably known. Help yourself out of purchasing the exceptional red and green napkin rose napkins.

At the wedding gathering you need a show set up in the back of the live with your limited time materials. This ought to be spelled out in your agreement.

You will need a little show board with photographs of you at different settings. A take-one show for your wedding business and one for your birthday party or corporate business. Once more, don’t be the buffet mystical performer, promote your wedding business and one other particular market. That gives the visitors two motivations to contract you.

Taking after these basic strides ought kick you off as well as place you in front of the pack in the wedding receprion stimulation business.

For data on the most proficient method to make a napkin rose, go to: